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  Hearing and the hearing mechanism

Hearing and Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Aging

Dr. Sullivan's tutorial website on
Video Otoscopic examination of the ear.
(More than 500,000 site visits)

Contemporary hearing instruments
(Starkey Hearing Technologies)


by style

Made for iPhone hearing instruments
(Starkey Hearing Technologies)


HALO 2 iPhone

MUSE Series Wireless
hearing instruments

(Starkey Hearing Technologies)


MUSE Wireless technology

Starkey Hearing Technologies
America's largest, most technically advanced manufacturer of custom hearing instruments.

       Starkey Hearing Foundation.
Owner William F. Austin travels the world with a personal goal to fit one million free, state-of-the-art hearing aids to the world's needy by 2014. That target was surpassed in 2012

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(Starkey Hearing Technologies)

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