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Hearing Instruments
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At Garden City Hearing Services (GCHS), we work in exclusive partnership with Starkey Hearing Technologies, the world's largest manufacturer of custom hearing instrument technology. It is the only U.S. company in  its class, with worldwide representation.

Click the right image for more information about Starkey Hearing Technologies. 

For new patients in need of hearing help, we typically begin our six week (45 day) trial fitting experience with a single instrument custom-fitted to the ear most likely to produce the optimum  hearing outcome. In the event that the fitting trial outcome is unsatisfactory, the instrument may be returned for a full refund less a state-limited,  nominal return fee. A second instrument for the other ear will be introduced only when deemed appropriate. All fittings include a four year warranty including all service and (1) total loss or damage. There is never a charge for in-office service visits for our patients.
We limit our custom hearing instrument offerings to the highest quality technology series within the Starkey line. Click the images below for additional information outlining your fitting options.
     The MUSE Series of digital custom hearing instruments.

    HALO 2 made-for-iPhone digital custom hearing  instruments.

    Soundlens Synergy wireless invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing instruments.

    MUSE CROS - BiCROS wireless hearing instruments for unilateral deafness.

    3 Series custom digital hearing instruments .


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